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BUK-80 Lifting rig for well development and workover


BUK-80 Lifting rig for well development and workover

BUK-80 is designed to perform tripping operations during oil and gas wells development and repair, to perform rotary drilling, as well as other types of work during development and repair of wells. The rig can operate in temperature between -45°С to +40°С.


Key features

- The equipment is mounted on a tri-axle semitrailer and fully meets the maximum allowable axial loads and dimensions requirements for public roads use;

- The rig is powered by a YaMZ-238M2 naturally aspirated diesel engine;

- The rig can be equipped with a gear-driven drawworks and a three-speed gearbox or a double-chain drive drawworks with quick switching pneumatic couplings.

Basic equipment:

Transport base - tri-axle semitrailer; YaMZ-238M2 diesel engine with a 5-speed gearbox; 2×250 litres fuel tanks; Two-section telescopic mast, cable extension mechanism works with a hydraulic winch; Mast upper section fall prevention mechanism against extension cable breakage; Gear-driven single-drum cargo winch; Drilling line system; Hook block; Auxiliary winch with a 3 t lifting capacity; Rotor chain-drive manual transmission (topped with a sprocket located in the back of the car to the right of the travel direction); Hydraulic system for a hydraulic rotor or a hydraulic key; Hydraulic tank with exhaust-based heating system; Hydraulic cathead; Pneumatic system powered by the YaMZ-238M2 engine’s standard compressor; Power cabinet with a 380/24V transformer; Drilling parameters monitoring system (IVE-50 with a hook load sensor); Stationary driller’s console (in the back of the machine on the left side); 4 hydraulic outriggers for setting up the rig; Support pedestals with platforms for hydraulic outriggers; Fencing, folding aisles, stairs.

Technical specifications



Transport base

Tri-axle semitrailer

Load capacity, kN (ton-force)

784 (80)

Well repair depth (14 kg/m tubing), m

4 000

Well drilling depth (24 kg/m column), m

2 000

Total height to the crown block axis, m


Hook lifting height, m



Telescopic two-section

Mast lifting mechanism

Telescopic hydraulic cylinders, 2 pcs

Mast extension mechanism

Cord, hydraulic winch

Rigging system

3x4 (the frequency of the polyspast 6)

Pulley rope diameter, mm



Traction force 167 kN (17 ton), drum with Lebus groove, two-belt brake

Winch drum drive


Gear type

Without the possibility of rapid shifting of the winch (without squeezing the traction motor clutch)

Chain type (optional)

With the ability to quickly switch the winch speeds (without squeezing the traction motor clutch)

Crown block lifting speed, m/s

0.15 - 1.5



Engine power, kW (hp)

176 (240)

Auxiliary winch


Drilling rotor drive

Chain through SHPM on the right side of the unit or hydraulic from the working hydraulic system

Hydraulic system

2 hydraulic pumps 310.3.112

Setup hydraulics

Gear pump

Unit dimensions, no more than 

Length, mm

13,500 *

Width, mm


Height mm


Full weight, kg


* the unit length doesn’t include the folding (portable) working platform



Optional equipment:

Manifold standpipe Ø50 mm (or equal); Drilling hose Ø50 mm (or equal); WB-80 swivel; R-250 rotor (hydraulic or chain-driven); Emergency winch drive against diesel drive failure; Additional external electric network compressor; VAST-type charger; Pulley rope bypass drum; VBT 80×80, 89×89, 112×112 pipes; Inserts for VBT pipes; Elevator links; Elevator; Lightweight landing platform with adjustable installation height 0.5–2.5 m; Drilling base (under the rotor); Unloading walkways; Entire rig length loading platform.

Overall dimensions and axial loads of BUK-80

Axial loads distribution map