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bld. 7, Stroyindustrii st., Keramzitniy village, Kurgan city, Kurgan region, 640037

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The Buroviye Ustanovki Kurgana plant (BUK, ‘Kurgan Drilling Rigs’) is a subsidiary of the SLC Group. The plant’s key activity areas include:

- Different shop repairs and overhaul services for top drives manufactured either by us or by any other company;

- Assembling heavy class mobile drilling rigs (MDR) and workover rigs mounted on a vehicle or on a semi-trailer;

- Assembling our own line of top drive systems (TDS).

The plant’s production area, including an MDR and workover rigs test site, is over 12 000 sq. m., storage area – over 4 000 sq. m. The production was launched in February 2017.

Currently the plant’s TDS repair and assembly workshop production capacity allows for overhauling 4 TDSs a month. There are two production and maintenance lines to carry out the works in the most efficient manner, and it takes on average no more than 10-14 days to completely overhaul a single top drive system. As of May 2018, over 30 TDSs produced by companies such as Jinghong, Canrig, and Varco have undergone repairs at the plant.

Over 100 highly-qualified SLC Group service engineers provide field service support for TDSs. The plant storage facility has over 1500 articles of TDS spare parts ready at all times in order to provide the most efficient repair service in a timely manner.

A unique testing bench is used to conduct full-scale top drive loading tests. Apart from maintenance and repairs, the BUK plant provides TDS recertification services, which include comprehensive technical audit, subsequent repairs and a 1-year warranty. As of May 2018, 5 top drive systems have undergone the procedure.

The plant is having finishing touches done before launching its own TDS assembly line. So far, 8 top drive models with load capacity ranging from 138 to 688 metric ton have been certified for production, the series will be titled VP (VP20, VP40, VP40U, VP50, VP50U, VP70, VP70U, and VP90).

The plant will start operating at full capacity once mobile drilling rigs and workover rigs production lines are launched. The plant is setting up production environment. The first workover rig is planned to have been assembled by the end of this year.

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