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Repair top drives from other manufacturers

Before carrying out major and current repairs of Top Drives at our plant, located in Kurgan city, we, first of all, dismantle and transport equipment to the facility, then conduct acceptance testing, in order to obtain reliable information on the state of the Top Drive, its basic mechanisms, components and units.

After that, our experts disassemble Top Drive, check and verify technical condition of its elements and their compliance with technical requirements. As a result, a detailed report on the state of the equipment and the list of necessary repair measures is made. Meanwhile, with the help of specialized tools, we carry out nondestructive flaw detection of Top Drive main components.

After the test we make a list of necessary spare parts, and then carry out repairs with the replacement, recovery of the top drive mechanism, assembling and mounting additional elements.

Then our specialists check functioning of all main and auxiliary systems of the Top Drive; perform commissioning, verification and adjustment of the equipment.

Upon completion of these works, we equip Top Drive with necessary parts; perform final inspection and post-repair acceptance/handover. Properly and fully operational equipment is delivered to the customer, and on the basis of the conducted repair measures, we complete a report with recommendations on the further use of equipment.

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