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Drilling using the top drive DQ70BS for WEATHERFORD
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DQ50BQIII-JH is a top drive system with AC variable - frequency controlled drive, equipped with one induction motor with a continuous rated power 800 kW (1089 hp).

Drive type AC VFD
Rated drilling depth, m (114 mm drill pipe) 5000
Rated load capacities, KN (ton) 3200
Power supply, VAC/HZ 600 /50 HZ or 60 HZ
Rated current, A 970
Maximum current, A 1455
Rated power (continuous), kW (hp) 800 (1089)
Rotary speed, r/min 0~220
Drilling torque (continuous), kNm 69
Max. torque of break out, kNm 104
Backup tong range, Ø, mm 86~206
Hydraulic system working pressure, MPa 16
Rated pressure of IBOP, MPa 70
Mud circulating diameter, mm 76
Rated circulating pressure, MPa 52
Max. distance between main shaft center and the front end, mm 750
Main body height, m 5.45
Working height, m 5.9
Ambient temperature -45℃~+55℃
Main body weight, t 12,6
Measurements body height, mm 5450 × 1630 × 1560

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