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Casing running system SLC-JH

Casing Running System (CRS) is a complex mechanical, hydraulic, electronic system designed for fast, safe and efficient casing operations.



System combines a variety of traditional tools for casing running:

  • hydraulic tongs;
  • elevator;
  • mud pipe for filling and circulating drilling fluid;
  • built-in balance system.

CRS includes:

  • Integrated elevator for holding the casing;
  • Special grip for clamping the casing. The four clamping teeth arranged symmetrically, provide uniform pressure, which reduces the degree of damage to the external wall of the pipe to a minimum, and increases security and system reliability;
  • Hydraulic system, providing a nominal working pressure of 15 MPa for the stable operation of the unit;
  • Built-in balance system, which is in the process of screwing and unscrewing controls the weight distribution of the device, is effective to avoid the damage of thread during casing running operations;
  • An electronic control system that guarantees correct, precise and safe operation. 

CRS enables the capture and retention of casing, the simultaneous rotation and jostling of the casing and the drilling fluid circulation. These functions increase the safety of drilling operations and reduce the risk during descent of the casing into the well with the complicated structure. 

The system is designed to work with casing pipes of a diameter of 4 ½ to 14 inches, at ambient temperatures from -45o C to +55o C, it is versatile, used in conjunction with the Top Drive System, easy to install, does not require modifications of existing drilling equipment. CRS is used in the construction of both vertical and directional wells with a large deviation from the face of the well, both land and sea wells, can be used for both coupling and coupling-less connections.

Compared to conventional methods of casing running, CRS greatly simplifies the process of casing, reduces the number of operations, reduces the amount of equipment used and the number of personnel involved, reduces the amount of unproductive time. The system allows to perform operations faster, more productive and safer, reducing risks of emergency situations connected with stuck casing, incomplete descend of the casing, gases, injuries of joints, narrowing of the passages of the well, forced lifting of the casing and its re-descent.

Main technical specifications of the CRS are presented in the table.

Maximum load Maximum torque Casing range


4500kN 40kN·m 4 1/2”~14” Read More »