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using the top drives DQ40B, DQ50B, DQ70BSQ for OBK oil service company
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Top Drive Soft Torque Technology


Electronic stepless  torque adjustment system is designed to improve the efficiency of directional drilling, drilling of wells with a complex structure, to perform other specific tasks due to the smooth control of the top drive rotation by a predetermined number of turns or degrees.



The system allows to:

  • eliminate torsional vibrations of the drilling tool and stick slip issues;
  • to increase torque and reduce its sudden changes during drilling;
  • to cause vibration by changing multiple forward and reverse rotation for reciprocating a drilling tool.



  • improves the performance of the Top Drive, optimizing torque;
  • increases the speed of penetration;
  • slow down the wear of drilling equipment;
  • reduces the tripping;
  • improves the drilling quality and reduces the costs.


At the request of customers, the system comes with a new Top Drive, or can be implemented in existing equipment.