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using the top drive DQ20B, DQ40B for TATNEFT oil company
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The top drive systems SLC-JH

 Our top drive is movable spanner, combines the functions of a swivel and a rotor equipped with the tools to work with drill pipes.

 It is designed for drilling vertical, deviated and horizontal wells quickly and safely. 

This top drive system used in the performance of drilling operations:

  • Rotation of the drill string at a variable speed drill, elaboration and expansion of the borehole while lifting / lowering of the drill string;
  • Inhibition of the drill string and its retention in position;
  • Providing operations on the descent into the well casing; assembly / disassembly of the drill string; screwing / unscrewing drill pipes, threaded connections of the drilling equipment; supply / removal of drill pipes;
  • Washing wells and simultaneous turning of the drill string;
  • Establishing the amount of torque and rotational speed, their measurement and readout on the display and control panel;
  • Remote control.

 Use of top drive has advantages: 

  • reducing the time of joining the drill pipes;
  • reducing sticking of drilling tools;
  • extending the wellbore during the descent and ascent of the tool;
  • improving accuracy in directional drilling;
  • improving the safety of drillers;
  • reduction of emissions;
  • facilitates descent casing.

Our top drive is certified in accordance with the requirements of GOST R, ISO 9001, API and adapted to the rig. It can function both in extreme cold of the Polar Siberia, and in extreme heat of the Sahara. It can be mounted at any time without interrupting the drilling. We supply additional devices that are needed for long-term, productive and efficient operation of the entire system in the field. 

All additional equipment conforms to the rules of operation in the fields, has all the certificates and the technical documentation.

The benefit of our customers is the main priority of our activity. We are very interested in a stable and reliable operation of our equipment. That is why we adapt, install and maintain the equipment in the fields.

List of our services is presented here. Our product line includes the following top drives:

Rated drilling depth, m Rated load Capacity, KN Drilling Torque (continuous), KNm


9 000 m 6 750 KN 76 KNm Read More »


7 000 m 4 500 KN 65 KNm Read More »


7 000 м 4 500 KN 55 KNm Read More »


5 000 м 3 150 KN 48 KNm Read More »


5 000 м 3 150 KN 40 KNm Read More »


4 000 м 2 250 KN 40 KNm Read More »


4 000 м 2 250 KN 33 KNm Read More »


2 000 м 1 350 KN 26 KNm Read More »


7 000 м 4 500 KN 49 KNm Read More »


4 000 m 2 250 KN 35 KNm Read More »


2 000 м 1 350 KN 25 KNm Read More »