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using the top drives DQ40B, DQ50B, DQ70BSQ for OBK oil service company
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The Top Drive DQ70BSQ-JH has set several records!


The Top Drive DQ70BSQ-JH set several  records!

Top drive DQ70BSQ-JH (№7058), which has been used by Rosneft Drilling Company since January 7, 2014, has achieved record performance. As of July 7, 2017, its operating time was 25 013 hours or 34 months of non-stop operation, and total downtime due to malfunctions – are only 17 hours. During using this top drive at the oilfields in the Yamalo-Nenets autonomous district and Khanty-Mansi autonomous district,  49 wells were drilled by Rosneft Drilling Company specialists, including 14 horizontal oil-wells, and a speed record was reached: it took only 7.5 days to drill a directional oil-well of 3 277 meters deep with a deviation from the vertical of 912 meters.

All these record figures were achieved thanks to the reliability of the equipment and the high professionalism of the drilling teams of the Orenburg and Nefteyugansk branches of Rosneft Drilling Company, as to service engineers of the SLC group, they ensure non-stop operation of the DQ70BSQ-JH top drive (№ 7058).

DQ70BSQ-JH is one of the high performance models of top drives and provides drilling of the wells up to 7000 meters deep (with a 114 mm drill pipe). The top drive is equipped with two asynchronous frequency controlled electric motors with a power of 500 hp each. This allows to perform drilling with a smooth shaft speed changes in the range from 0 to 230 rpm and with a working torque of up to 65 kNm.