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using the top drives DQ40B, DQ50B, DQ70BSQ for OBK oil service company
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A new record of the Top Drive DQ70BSQ-JH


A new drilling speed record was achieved by Nefteugansk subsidiary of Rosneft Drilling company:  7 days were enough for Rosneft professionals to finish 3201m depth oil well in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomus region.  An Uralmash 5000/320 EK-BMCH drilling rig equipped with the top drive DQ70BSQ-JH (№7058) was used for this purpose.  This top drive is being used by Rosneft Drilling Company for 3,5 years demonstrating high performance and reliability.

DQ70BSQ-JH is one of the high performance models of top drives and provides drilling of the wells up to 7000 meters deep (with a 114 mm drill pipe). The top drive is equipped with two asynchronous frequency controlled electric motors with a power of 500 hp each. This allows to perform drilling with a smooth shaft speed changes in the range from 0 to 230 rpm and with a working torque of up to 65 kNm.