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The depth of 5500 meters has already been achieved!


The depth of 5500 meters has already been achieved!

Strategically important object for the Russian Federation, Gydanskaya parametric  oil well № 130, is being built in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District. The world leader in the field of super deep drilling - SIC “Nedra”, which is a part of the Russian geological holding "ROSGEO", has been performing this work. Designed depth of the oil well is 7,150 meters; its construction should be completed by the end of 2017.

Drilling operations are carried out with a rig F-400 equipped with a top drive DQ50BQ-JH, provided by the SLC group. To ensure non-stop operation, the SLC service engineers provide service support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The construction of the Gydanskaya superdeep parametric  oil well № 130 should help assess the prospects of oil and gas bearing and parameterize the section of the Mesozoic sedimentary complexes of the rocks of the Gydan uplift.

According to SIC “Nedra” 3350 core samples, 877 samples of cuttings were processed, detailed laboratory and analytical studies were conducted during the work at the depth interval of 3630-5100 meters. As a result, new data were obtained on the geological structure of the section to a depth of 5100 meters (oil-well bottom is in the Lower Jurassic sediments), 2 potentially productive horizons were identified: Ach 2 (Berriasian stage of the Akhskaya formation) and Yu 2 (Batsk stage of the Malyshev formation), a complex of geochemical parameters , allowing to identify and assess oil and gas potential of a powerful (2,550 m) hydrocarbon generation zone in the Lower Cretaceous-Jurassic section, was obtained.

SIC “Nedra”  has been using top drive DQ50BQ-JH mounted on  FU-400 rig to continue work: the oil well has been drilled as far as 5500 meters deep, the core has been selected, laboratory and analytical studies are underway. The company carries out drilling in the framework of the state contract concluded between ROSGEO and the Ural Federal District Department of Natural Resources in 2015.

There were no failures during the entire operation of the DQ50BQ-JH at the Gydanskaya well.

(Contains information from the press center of SIC “Nedra”)