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using the top drive DQ20B, DQ40B for TATNEFT oil company
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The first stage of our drilling equipment manufacturing plant in Kurgan has been restored and put into operation. 

A new production area has been established in correspondence with the growing market demand for drilling equipment. 

The planned annual production levels are dozens of pieces of equipment and hundreds of millions of rubles a year. 

During the undertaking of the restoration process: 

  • 36 thousand m2 of factory territory were cleared and 2300 m3 of garbage were removed; 
  • Dozens of kilometers of cable lines and networks were laid; 
  • Water supply and sanitation were restored to the facility, and a connection was made to the city water supply; 
  • Gas and heating were put into operation, the gas pipelines were restored and re-laid; 
  • Production and storage areas were reconstructed and outfitted with the necessary equipment; 
  • General and office premises were renovated.