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using the top drive DQ20B, DQ40B for TATNEFT oil company
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The key player in the Russian oilfield services market, one of the three leading companies in terms of the volume and complexity of drilling oil and gas production and exploratory wells

Description of Project:

Rosneft  Drilling Company (RN-Drilling) is the largest Russian drilling company with a fleet of more than 250 drilling rigs and more than 210 drilling teams (including more than 30 teams specializing in sidetracking).

SLC group has long-term partnerships with five branches of the company, which carry out their work in:

Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District – Yugra (Nefteyugansk and Nizhnevartovsk branches);

Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District (Gubkinsky branch);

The Komi Republic  (Usinsk branch);

Orenburg region (Orenburg branch).

RN-Drilling branches operate more than 20 top drives, supplied by SLC group, with load capacities of 140t, 230t, 320t and 460t on both stationary and mobile drilling rigs. The engineering and technical staff of SLC group provides constant service support, maintenance and repair of the top drives in order to ensure their non-stop and safe operation. The DQ70BSQ-JH (№7058) top drive, which is used by RN-Drilling Orenburg branch since January 7, 2014, achieved record performance. As of July 7, 2017, its operating time was 25,013 hours or 34 months of continuous operation, and total downtime due to malfunctions - only 17 hours. This top drive was used at the oilfields in Yamalo-Nenets autonomous district and Khanty-Mansi autonomous district, 49 wells were drilled by specialists from Rosneft Drilling Company, including 14 horizontal wells, and a speed record was reached: it took only 7,5 days to complete directional well 3,277 m deep with a deviation from the vertical of 912 meters.