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Drilling using the top drive DQ70BS for WEATHERFORD
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Orenburg Drilling Company (OBK)

A big drilling company within the Rosneft-burenie company

Description of Project:

The SLC Group supplied the OBK with DQ40B, DQ50B, DQ70BSQ top drives, as well as all the necessary documents and certificates.

The top drives were successfully mounted onto drilling rigs and subsequently passed start-up tests. Currently our company’s service engineers provide quality maintenance and support services in order to ensure non-stop operation.

The SLC Group equipment demonstrated its high reliability and once again proved technical specifications. The top drives are easy to use and require very little time to mount and dismount on any type of drilling rig. Their control systems boast high precision and a wide variety of settings, allowing to precisely rotate the column at a set angle and speed, which is particularly important for drilling horizontal wells.

The client is highly satisfied with the equipment’s reliability and specifications, noting failure-free performance unseen before in top drives supplied by other companies, as well as a lower cost of running and maintaining the drive.

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